Liga BBVA 2011/12 Report

Last week, BVS published a report on the 2011/12 Liga BBVA. There you can find an analysis of the clubs’ media presence and an analysis of the sponsors visibility. We expect to publish an abstract of the report in English on the next weeks.

Here you can find the report in Spanish:

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Lance Armstrong, the brand

There have been lots of talks regarding Lance Armstrong these lasts months. Tonight, the American TV will broadcast an interview he gave to Oprah Winfrey. Everybody has something to say about him as a person… How was he able to act like he did? But we want to focus on Lance as a brand. What about his brand value? Will his brand survive? This is what we have come up with at BVS.

Marta C. White wrote an article for the NBC News where he consulted some experts that said that Lance’s brand value was somewhere near 0. Can this situation be fixed?

As we wrote some months ago, after he was stripped of his seven tours, his brand has always been related to doping due to continuous speculations. After he stopped fighting for his innocence against USADA, this relation rocketed and all this doping talks were present on about 80% of Lance’s media presence. We analyzed, once again, this relation just before the Oprah interview is broadcasted and things are even worse now… Lance has decided to tell the truth and all the talks around him have to do with issues as doping or cheating.

However, his brand value can still increase, even if it won’t go to the levels it used to be. He has still something to say. If he is able to act in the correct way, like David Millar did, his brand is not over. We are not trying to defend him from what he did, we are just challenging him. Will he be able to keep his brand value alive? We will see…

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Liga BBVA clubs’ brand image: Sections

Brand Value Solutions will soon publish the Liga BBVA 2011/12 report. Meanwhile, as we announced last week, we want to publish the top-10 teams where the sections were more important. By sections we understand all the teams of the club apart from men’s football: basketball, handball, indoor football (soccer), women’s football, hockey… The only purpose of these data is to describe the brand image of the clubs.

The sports with more presence among the sections are basketball, handball and women’s football. It is not surprising to find F.C. Barcelona ranked first (12,52%), due to the fact that they have teams in lots of different sports such as basketball, handball, indoor football, women’s football or hockey. Moreover, sections are important for the club as can be concluded by the approximately 50M€ the club allocates on the sections budget.

The importance of women’s football and, especially, handball in Atlético de Madrid’s brand image (11,06%) is also remarkable. Real Madrid ranks third (4,26%) thanks to its basketball team. Women’s football is the reason why the other seven clubs are also in the top-10.

The considerable presence of sections in the brand image of F.C. Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid means that their commitment to other sports was worth it.

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Preview of Zaragoza’s brand image: What if CAI & DKV were part of the club?

At the same time we keep on working on the 2011/12 Liga BBVA report, from the Brand Value Solutions blog posting some interesting data as a warm-up. As part of the club’s brand image analysis – that is to say, what is their brand profile-, we have analyzed the presence of the clubs’ sections. By sections we understand teams of other sports that are part of the club. We are going to post some data on the clubs were the sections are more important soon. Today, however, we want to focus on Real Zaragoza.

Despite the fact that they do not have any sections, there were a basketball team and an indoor football team from Zaragoza that had a considerable media presence: CAI Zaragoza, from the Spanish basketball league and DKV Seguros Zaragoza, from the Spanish indoor football league.

Like we did with Valencia C.F. and Valencia Basket, we analyzed the media presence of these two teams in regard to Zaragoza’s presence. The football team has a higher media value because the sport is way more popular in Spain than basketball or indoor football. Nevertheless, if these two teams were part of Real Zaragoza, they would have had a 28,22% weight on the club’s media presence. This year, instead, there will be some significant changes on these data because the indoor football team is now playing in the Spanish second division.

After considering this information, we could do a deeper analysis on the importance of the Zaragoza’s sports teams in the city’s brand image and visibility. This new analysis could determine the decision-making process of both private and public sponsors.

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Importance of the coaches in their clubs’ image

In Brand Value Solutions we keep on presenting data from 2011/12 Liga BBVA report. The main part of the report will consist of an analysis of some of the league’s sponsors and on the teams’ brand image.

In this article we show the weight of the coaches in their clubs’ image during the last season. On Monday we explained that Marcelo Bielsa was present in 10.73% of Athletic Club de Bilbao’s image and that he ranked 1st among all the coaches. In his case it was, above all, thanks to the excellent season of his team.

The other teams that are ranked in the upper part of the table should not be as proud as the aforementioned basque team. In the following graph we can appreciate how 5 of the top-6 teams fired their coach during the season. Other teams, like Valencia CF, had their reservations about the performance of their coaches during the whole season.

Importance of the coaches on their clubs' media presence

We should notice that having Jose Mourinho in the 10th spot does not mean that he is less present in media than the other coaches. 6.14% of Real Madrid’s media presence means a lot more media appearances than 6.14% of other teams’ media presence (except for FC Barcelona). Nevertheless, these are interesting data when it comes to clubs’ brand analysis. This is due to the fact that a positive or a negative image of a coach with a lot of weight in the team’s brand could have a deep impact on the club’s image.

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Athletic Club de Bilbao’s worst possible scenario

Athletic Club de Bilbao has not performed as expected so far this season. Just some months after European football (soccer) fans fell in love with this team and its performance, its philosophy, its unique culture, its courage… things are not working this season. They are about to be knocked out of the Europe League, they are ranked 12th in the BBVA League, one of their best players is now playing for Bayern München, their franchise player is spending too much time on the bench and the coach that led the team during the last season and the club’s management are not on the same page.

BVS wants to show some data referring to Athletic Club, coming from the 2011/12 BBVA League report we are preparing. On the one hand, Marcelo Bielsa was last year’s coach with more importance on its club’s image among all BBVA League coaches. He was present in 10.73% of the club’s media presence thanks to last season’s excellent performance. This year, instead, news refers to him because of issues like arguments with the club’s management, the controversial works in Lezama or the players’ leaks.

On the other hand, Fernando Llorente was, as we posted some days ago, the fifth franchise player with more importance in its club’s media presence during the BBVA League. He was present in 11.54% of the club’s image thanks to the goals he scored. On the contrary, Aritz Aduriz is playing and scoring more than him this year. Llorente is nearly always sitting on the bench, indeed.

There were a number of reasons for Athletic’s excellent season, but as our data shows, Bielsa and Llorente were essential for the team’s success. However, during this season, their two media references are crying more than laughing. Moreover, Javi Martínez left the club and Ander Herrera is having some physical problems. Bearing all this in mind, all the trouble the team is having seems easier to understand.

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What if Valencia Basket were part of Valencia CF?

BVS has some interesting data concerning the Football (soccer) and Basketball teams in Valencia. After analyzing the weight of the sections (only for those clubs that have sections) in the Liga BBVA clubs’ media presence, we analyzed some sports teams that share city with Liga BBVA teams. This is the case of Valencia Basket, team that shares city with Valencia Club de Fútbol.

After analyzing their presence in the Spanish media, we checked that if they were a section of Valencia CF they would have been present in 15.12% of the Club’s image during the 2011/12 season. That would mean that Valencia Basket would be one of the sections with most weight on the image of its club in the Liga BBVA.

Even if they are not part of the Valencia CF it is interesting to take this data into account in order to have an idea of their brand value. However, a Media Value analysis would be more appropriate for a company willing to do a Sponsorship Analysis.

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Messi will win Fifa Ballon d’Or according to the Media Value ranking predictions

Last week we knew the names of the 23 players that are in contention for the Fifa Ballon d’OR. There is an important debate on who deserves this award, which is supposed to be given to the best player of the year 2012. The main candidates might be players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Iker Casillas or Andrés Iniesta.

As MRI (partner of Brand Value Solutions) published in its last report on Media Value, the last four winners of the Fifa Ballon d’Or where also the players with the highest Media Value.

According to this data, Leo Messi should be the winner of this year’s edition of the award followed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba. In January we will check if the votes given by the national teams’ captains and coaches together with the ones given by the selected journalists reassert Leo Messi as the best player in the world.

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How to analyze a sports sponsorship (II): Qualitative data

After a first article about quantitative data in sports sponsorship analysis, Brand Value Solutions is posting this second part referring to qualitative data. We already affirmed that this kind of information is a key point that must be considered. There can be, for instance, a huge sponsorship agreement in terms of awareness, but at the same time this sponsorship can be inefficient in terms of transmitting values, brand perception or other co-branding variables.

There are some useful tools that allow us to analyze qualitative data in order to do a sponsorship analysis, to do a brand analysis or just to help in decision making. Some of them might be: brand profile (referring to brand image) analysis, values transmitted from one brand to another, qualitative interpretation of the Media Value, brand comparison, “Twitter Sentiment Analysis”… All this information allows you to know what people say about you – about your brand -, how the sponsored positive/negative values are transmitted to your brand, if the values you are trying to transmit are actually being perceived, etc. To sum up, you can check if you are going in the right direction in order to achieve your objectives.

Moreover, we also have a great deal of tools that allow us to analyze specific situations such as reputation crisis or the impact of events.

Finally, the conclusions of the assessment of a sports sponsorship should come from both quantitative and qualitative data. You should know how much they talk about you, but what is more, you should know what they say about you.

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How to analyze a sports sponsorship (I): Quantitative data

It seems obvious to affirm that it is important to assess a sports sponsorship deal a company is carrying out. However, the metrics used might be not as obvious as it seems. In the next two articles, from Brand Value Solutions, we want to express our point of view on this kind of assessment, just in case it can help any sports marketer.

We believe that a complete analysis should be based on both quantitative and qualitative data. In fact, qualitative data is even more important in most of the cases, but first, we will give an overview about quantitative data.

Although lots of metrics are used in the sponsorship assessment, the most commonly used is ROI. In our view, it should be taken into account, but it should not be treated as the only important indicator. Instead, the Media Value analysis is the main quantitative data we suggest to consider. It reflects both the popularity and the notoriety of a brand. It measures how much do they talk about you in media, web sites and blogs. The homogeneity of this scientific data makes it possible to compare a brand with its competition, with similar events or with whatever element you want to compare it with. It can even serve to make some approximate economic assessments of brands (brand value), sport properties and sportspeople.

Coming soon, we will post the second part of this article concerning qualitative data.

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