Our method was developed by MRI and ESI research groups of the Universidad de Navarra. It allows us to assess media impact and reputational impact of brands. Thus, we go beyond the impacts received by the consumer and we measure its perceptions. A powerful tool has been developed. This tool makes it possible to analyze news in any part of the world and, as a consequence, we are able to give global or local information depending on our clients' needs. This information, beside other data that come from social networks and other websites helps us to carry our customized reports.

Initially, the methodology was developed by ESI to be applied in the sports industry. Then, MRI was created and they developed a new methodology to analyze the positioning and brand reputation in other industries.

ESI and MRI have been applying this methodology for more than eight years. Consequently, they have been able to track the media value and brand reputation of professional sporting events in soccer (Champions League, Spanish League, South Africa World Cup, etc), basketball (NBA, Japan World Cup), Formula 1 and tennis. Furthermore, they have done other analysis in politics (U.S. and Spanish elections), advertisement campaigns (Loewe case, etc) and reputation crisis (Wikileaks, German Cucumber Crisis,etc)

Our technology and our data bases allow us to carry out research works to study economic and management problems that can only be analyzed thanks to the existence of a precise and homogeneous measure.